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Since 2011, the team behind interactiveAds is active in the games and entertainment industry. In addition to marketing successful browser and mobile games, the company specialises in the development of high-quality advertising media for platforms such as Facebook, Google, Vungle and Ironsource. OGLabs Germany, the parent company of interactiveAds, is also a Facebook Marketing Premium Partner.

What is a playable ad?

A PlayableAd is a mini HTML5 game, which brings the app closer to the user directly in the advertising material. He can therefore test the game directly in the advertisement. A playable Ad leads to a much higher interaction with the ad. Via the playable ad the user can also download the app in the classic way.

Playable ads are the next evolutionary step after static banners and videos. Playable ads offer significantly better interaction rates and ROIs.

Playable Ads Development

Playable ads are the most engaging ad format in app marketing industry. Increase your Click-Through Rates, Conversion Rates, and Install Rates with your new PlayableAd! We support you from the creation of the concept to the technical implementation of the PlayableAd. Our PlayableAds are among others optimized for Facebook, Google, Vungle and Ironsource.


You still have no idea for a Playable Ad? Our game designer will be happy to assist you in creating a suitable interactive ad concept.


You can choose: Either we create the PlayableAd based on your graphics or our graphic designers create new assets for your product. We are 100% flexible and can respond to your wishes.
Playable Ads Analytics
In cooperation with the mobile programmatic platform kayzen, interactiveAds offers PlayableAds Analytics. We can measure PlayableAds, analyze user actions and optimize PlayableAds on this datapoints!
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